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Feb 19th, 2019, 1:30am

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Hola Racers! (Read 4 times)
Jason Gunn
VMSC Executive

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Hola Racers!
Sep 20th, 2018, 12:06pm
Hola Racers!

Mark it on your calendar, October 3rd - 7pm is the Victoria Motor Sports Club Annual General Meeting. Elections for Executive positions will be held. I would like to thank all VMSC members for their support over the years. It is time however, that someone else takes the helm.

I especially need to thank the Executive Board - Andrew Britney the VP who has taken on a lot of my duties this past year, and done so with charm, humor, a great attitude, and one wicked fast little Subaru. Jason Cobham, our Treasurer who keeps our books as tidy as his yellow Corolla Monster. Christian Proch-McMechan the club Secretary taking notes with the same German precision as his Porsche Boxster. Mr.Bart Gilmour who is taking a break from the club to drive his shiny new 4X4 truck, and build up a WRX. Rob Keur, who has set out to take on the single toughest job this club has Competition Director. Glenda J Wyatt was our Membership Director this past year. She spent this year taming Karl Rhynas CRX. Fast Ford driver Alastair Alastair James Denovan Beaumont who was a little pressed for time on his first year on the executive, but his efforts were all appreciated.

It is pretty easy being President when you have a crew this good backing you up!

Big thanks also go out Cole Sorenson for MCing our events this season. Cole is now going to school for broadcast journalism - we expect great things from him. And finally Denise Salmon, who pretty much IS Western Speedway. I wish you all knew how much she helps the club!

So please come on out! New blood and new ideas is what keeps our club going! 64 years, and still running strong.

Jason Gunn
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