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VMSC Bulletin Board

Sep 25th, 2017, 8:37pm

1  General Category / Event Information / Porsche Club Year End Autocross and Chili Cook-off
 on: Sep 22nd, 2017, 12:18pm 
Started by Conrad Peden | Post by Conrad Peden
PCA Autocross and Chili Cook Off
Sunday Oct 15th
Western Speedway

There will be a volunteers meeting at 7:30 am on Sunday the 15th. Anybody wishing to volunteer or do a particular job just let me know by email. competition@virpca.org

Volunteer Positions to fill:
Timer x 2
Vehicle inspectors x 3
Course set-up x 4

ALL volunteers are guaranteed a driving spot. Field may be limited to 50 drivers.

Tech starts at                                                     8 am and goes till 9am.
Course walk                                                       As soon as course is set.
Drivers meeting                                               10am
First car out by 10:30 or sooner.

Group A                                                               10:30 – 11:30
Group B                                                                11:30 – 12:30

About 12:30 pm Chili lunch provided      donations gladly accepted proceeds to the Westshore Food Bank with voting for your favorite Chili Chef.

Then more driving in the afternoon.

2  General Category / General Board / Presidents Message
 on: Sep 20th, 2017, 10:44am 
Started by Jason Gunn | Post by Jason Gunn
Hello VMSCer’s

It has been a while since the last President’s message. Apologies all around for that one! It has been a busy season for sure. Twenty-three events for the 2017 season including the Friday Night Series co- sponsored with Western Speedway to remember our friend Curtis Wrobel.

All of our dates are set for next year:

•      Winter Series I                  January 14, 2018
•      Winter Series II                  February 18, 2018
•      Winter Series III            March 11, 2018
•      Driver Training                  March 25, 2018
•      Spring Series I                  May 5, 2018
•      Time Attack I                  May 20, 2018
•      Elements Autocross school      June 17, 2018
•      Spring Series II                  June 24, 2018
•      Spring Series III            July 15, 2018
•      Summer Series I            July 22,2018
•      Summer Series II            August 12, 2018
•      Team Enduro & BBQ            August 26, 2018
•      Time Attack II                  September 8, 2018
•      Summer Series III            September 16, 2018
•      Summer Series IV Fundraiser      October 7, 2018

Next General Meeting will be the Elections for the Executive Board. I would like thank the executive for their work this year, and all of our members who come out to volunteer at the events. From doing tech in the parking lot to tossing cones around the track and staying late to clean up, it all helps.

Thank you.

I propose to make some changes to the Executive Board this year. These will need to be voted on of course, and if passed eventually amended into our club bylaws. I would like to see the Club Competition and Region Competition Director’s positions be changed to read as Club Competition Directors. If my motion passes, there will be two bodies filling this role. Of the 14 events above, each co-Director will handle 7 events. The task of Club Competition Director is a huge role in our organization. It is my hope that spreading the work load will keep the energy level up, and not place a huge burden on any one member. Now that burden will be on two members! As far as voting on the Executive Board (the Regional Competition Director currently has a vote if there is no Past President position) – the senior member of the two Co-Competition Directors will have the vote. Senior being years with the club, not age.

I also plan on presenting a motion to change the name of our FTD trophy to remember our friend Curtis Wrobel who passed away earlier this year. The trophy would simply be known as the Curtis Wrobel Memorial Award for Speed.

I hope you’ll come out to the General Meeting on October 4th at Cedar Hill Rec Center 7pm, support your club and those who volunteer to make it better. This weekend we have a double header! Time Attack Saturday am and Autocross Sunday afternoon!! See you there!

Jason Gunn

3  General Category / Event Information / Re: Summer Enduro - Sunday, August 27th
 on: Aug 29th, 2017, 10:16pm 
Started by Kevin Buckham | Post by KarlR
OK, I updated the software and I did not find any differences between the two.  Yeah!!!!!!

4  General Category / Event Information / Re: Summer Enduro - Sunday, August 27th
 on: Aug 29th, 2017, 9:54pm 
Started by Kevin Buckham | Post by KarlR
Of course, I just get the results posted and now I see this.... Tongue

5  General Category / Event Information / Re: Summer Enduro - Sunday, August 27th
 on: Aug 24th, 2017, 9:45am 
Started by Kevin Buckham | Post by Murray Peterson
Be sure to update your timing software with the latest version -- we discovered a scoring error at our last team event:


6  General Category / Event Information / Summer Enduro - Sunday, August 27th
 on: Aug 23rd, 2017, 5:27pm 
Started by Kevin Buckham | Post by Kevin Buckham
This might be the most fun event of the year.
Teams of three or 4 drawn out of a hat. Couple practice laps. Then do 3 or 4 laps (cafeful not do do an extra lap) , combine the team times, lowest time wins.
Bring an extra $5 for the BBQ and prizes after the event.


For now we are running under 2015 CACC and SCCA rules until the new sets are published later in the year.

Please have your tech sheet ready and properly filled out before the event. All entrants are responsible for the correct classification of their car. Consult the CACC rule book for classification.

13:00 - 14:00 Registration and Technical Inspection
14:00 - 14:20 Novice Drivers Meeting - Mandatory for Novices
14:00 - 14:20 Course open for walking
14:20 - 14:30 Driver's Meeting
14:30 First run group to grid
14:45 First car on track.
19:30 Last run group on track. Actual time may vary.

Members $35
Guests $45
Helmet Rental $20. Free for novices.

If you've been to several events it's reccomened that you get a helmet of your own. Action Cycle and JB Auto both have the correct helmet.

Membership applications/renewals are available for purchase at the event.
Membership is $35 for 2016. A CACC License is not required for club events.
We're going to cap this event at 55 cars.

All participants and spectators must sign the insurance waiver located at the registration desk prior to entering the track.
All drivers must present a valid license.
Minors (under 19) must have a parent/guardian sign the standard release form. This must be signed by guardian in person.
Helmets must bear a Snell 2005 or 2010 or 2015 (M or SA) certification label.
Wheels/tires to be used during the event must be installed on the vehicle prior to inspection.
Please keep noise levels to a minimum and observe posted speed limits when traveling near the track.
Western Speedway Regulations limit noise levels on all cars to 95 dB A. We may bring a sound level meter to this event to observe limits.
Current supplemental regulation are posted here: https://goo.gl/4YwSr7

VMSC is a volunteer organization. We organize these events so that we may participate as well. As an entrant please offer your assistance, from technical inspection to track set up to take down. The easier the work is for the organizer the higher the likelihood of more events!

If you have a specific interest in any of the following positions please email competition@victoriamotorsports.ca

Tech inspection
Track Setup
Trailer towing
Newbie Course Walk
Newbie Buddy - Be a guide to help show a first timer how to get through a day.

7  General Category / Event Feedback & Comments / Re: VMSC Summer Series 2 - August 13, 2107
 on: Aug 20th, 2017, 7:30pm 
Started by KarlR | Post by KarlR
Posted results are now final with no changes.

8  General Category / Classification questions / Re: 2002 Subaru Impreza
 on: Aug 20th, 2017, 3:07pm 
Started by Lee Fraser | Post by KarlR
It would be in stASP because of the larger intercooler.  However, anytime the backseat is removed the car moves to Street Modified.  This car will be classed in stSM.  

9  General Category / Classification questions / 2002 Subaru Impreza
 on: Aug 14th, 2017, 8:35pm 
Started by Lee Fraser | Post by Lee Fraser
Hi Karl,
Here is the new car.
2002 Subaru Impreza WRX sedan, 2l turbo
rear trunk spoiler removed
Rear seat and belts removed
255 35 r18 tires
8x18 front and 9x18 rear rims
Front and back sway bars
Coilovers and camber plates
larger air intake, larger intercooler and larger 3" exhaust
everything else is stock including the turbo.
Which class?
Thanks, Lee

10  General Category / Event Feedback & Comments / VMSC Summer Series 2 - August 13, 2107
 on: Aug 13th, 2017, 11:04pm 
Started by KarlR | Post by KarlR
The smoke and the rain cleared to allow for a fine day out at the track.  Preliminary results are posted so let me know if there are any changes needed.  http://victoriamotorsports.ca/2017-results/